As the lead designer at Jiff, my responsibilities are to represent the range of visual talent our customers and end users expect from our reputable organization [B2B2C]. Alongside an esteemed team of individuals, whose talents span a myriad of capabilities, I proudly represent the strategic vision and creative strategy.



     Jiff is on a mission to help companies lower healthcare costs and cultivate happier, healthier employees. Jiff’s enterprise benefit platform integrates all the vendors employers already have in place, and lets them choose from a menu of pre-integrated services. By delivering personalized incentives, real-time data analytics, and a beautifully designed experience, Jiff targets individual employee cost drivers and increases utilization of those services proven to save money. Based in Mountain View, California, Jiff is led by veteran healthcare and technology leaders and serves some of the largest employers in the world.


Smart benefits. Brilliant design.

In-App product shots of Jiff Incentives

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